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policy cflowd-template flow-inactive-timeout—For a cflowd template, how long to wait to send a set of sampled flows to a collector for a flow on which no traffic is flowing (on vSmart controllers only).

vManage Feature Template

For vSmart controllers:

Configuration ► Policies ► Centralized Policy

Command Hierarchy

  cflowd-template template-name 
    flow-inactive-timeout seconds


Timeout Due to Inactivity
How long to wait to send a set of sampled flows to a collector for a flow on which no traffic is flowing. If you configure this time and later modify it, the changes take effect only on flows that are created after the configuration change has been propagated to the vEdge router. Because an existing flow continues indefinitely, to have configuration changes take effect, clear the flow with the clear app cflowd flows command.
Range: 1 through 3600 seconds
Default: 60 seconds (1 minute)

Operational Commands

clear app cflowd flows (on vEdge routers only)
clear app cflowd statistics (on vEdge routers only)
show policy from-vsmart (on vEdge routers only)
show running-config policy (on vSmart controllers only)
show app cflowd flows (on vEdge routers only)
show app cflowd template (on vEdge routers only)


Configure a cflowd template:

vSmart# show running-config policy  
cflowd-template test-cflowd-template
 collector vpn 1 address port 11233
 flow-active-timeout 60
 flow-inactive-timeout 90
 template-refresh 120

Release Information

Command introduced in Viptela Software Release 14.3.​
Default timeout value changed to 1 minute in Release 15.3.

Additional Information

See the Traffic Flow Monitoring with Cflowd article for your software release.

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