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description—Configure a text description for a parameter or property.

vManage Feature Template

For all Viptela devices:

Instances of the description command appear in multiple configuration templates.

Command Hierarchy

Instances of the description command appear throughout the configuration command hierarchy on Viptela devices.


Text Description
Text description of the parameter or property. The text can be a maximum of 128 characters. If it includes spaces, enclose the entire string in quotation marks (" ").


Configure a text description for an interface:

vEdge(config-interface-ge0/4)# description "VPN 1 interface"
vEdge(config-interface-ge0/4)# show config
vpn 1
 interface ge0/4
  description "VPN 1 interface"

Release Information

Command introduced in Viptela Software Release 14.1.​

Additional Information


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