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system controller-group-list—List of controller groups to which the vEdge router belongs (on vEdge routers only). A vEdge router can form control connections only with the vSmart controllers that are in the same controller group.

Command Hierarchy

  controller-group-list number


List of Controller Groups
Identifier of one or more vSmart controller groups to which the vEdge router belongs. You configure this identifier on the vSmart controller, using the system controller-group-id command. The number of controller groups cannot exceed the maximum number of control connections configured on the router.


Allow a vEdge router to establish control connections to the vSmart controllers in groups 1 and 2:

vEdge(config)# system controller-group-list 1 2
vEdge(config)# commit and-quit
vEdge# show control connections
                                                                            PEER                      PEER                                                     CONTROLLER 
PEER     PEER     PEER             SITE        DOMAIN      PEER             PRIVATE  PEER             PUBLIC                                                   GROUP      
TYPE     PROTOCOL SYSTEM IP        ID          ID          PRIVATE IP       PORT     PUBLIC IP        PORT    LOCAL COLOR      STATE           UPTIME          ID         
vsmart   dtls    100         1         12446        12446   lte              up                   0:00:01:56 1           
vsmart   dtls    200         1        12446       12446   lte              up                   0:00:17:34 2 

Release Information

Command introduced in Viptela Software Release 16.1.

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