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policy cflowd-template collector—Configure the address of a cflowd collector (on vSmart controllers only). The Viptela software can export flows to a maximum of four collectors. Note that if one or more vManage NMSs are present in the overlay network, the collected flows are also sent to the NMSs. (The NMSs are not counted in the maximum number of collectors.) Configuring a cflowd collector is optional.

vManage Feature Template

For vSmart controllers:

Configuration ► Policies ► Centralized Policy

Command Hierarchy

  cflowd-template template-name
    collector vpn vpn-id address ip-address port port-number transport transport-type 
      source-interface interface-name


Address and Port of the Collector
address ip-address port port-number 
IP address of the collector and port number to use. The default collector port is 4739.
Interface to Reach Collector
source-interface interface-name
Interface to use to send flows to the collector. interface-name can be a Gigabit Ethernet or 10-Gigabit Ethernet interface (ge) or a loopback interface (loopbacknumber).
Transport Protocol
transport transport-type
Transport protocol used to reach the collector. transport-type can be transport_tcp or transport_udp.
vpn vpn-id 
Number of the VPN in which the collector is located.

Operational Commands

show running-config policy (on vSmart controllers only)
show app cflowd collector (on vEdge routers only)
show app cflowd template (on vEdge routers only)


Configure a cflowd template:

vSmart# show running-config policy  
cflowd-template test-cflowd-template
 collector vpn 1 address port 11233 transport transport_udp
 flow-active-timeout 60
 flow-inactive-timeout 90
 template-refresh 120

Release Information

Command introduced in Viptela Software Release 14.3.​
In Release 16.2.2, add source-interface option.

Additional Information

See the Traffic Flow Monitoring with Cflowd article for your software release.

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