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system archive—Periodically archive a copy of the full running configuration to an archival file. What is archived is the configuration that is viewable by the user "admin".

vManage Feature Template

For all Viptela devices:

Configuration ► Templates ► Archive

Command Hierarchy

    ​interval minutes 
    path file-path 
    ssh-id-file filename 
    vpn vpn-id 


Archival Time Interval
interval minutes
How often to archive the full running configuration. In addition, the running configuration is archived each time you issue the commit command on a Viptela device.
Range: 5 minutes through 525600 minutes (about one year)
Default: 10080 minutes (7 days)
Location of Archival File
path file-path/filename
Path to the directory in which to store the archival file and the base name of the file. file-path can be one of the following:
• ftp:file-path—Path to a file on an FTP server.
• scp:user@host:file-path
• /file-path/filename—Path to a file on the local Viptela device.
A separate file is created for each archiving operation. To distinguish the files, a timestamp is appended to the filename. The timestamp has the format yyyy-mm-dd_hh-mm-ss.
SSH Key File
ssh-id-file filename
Name of the SSH private key file on the local VIptela device. This file is used to SCP into a remote file server. The Viptela software automatically generates a public and a private key and places the public key in the SSH key file, which is located in /home/admin directory on the Viptela device.
If you do not include the ssh-id-file option in the configuration, the software uses the automatically generated private key. You can also manually generate and upload an SSH private key file.
vpn vpn-id
VPN in which the archival file server is located or through which the server can be reached. On vEdge routers, vpn-id can be a value from 0 through 65530. On vSmart controllers, vpn-id can be either 0 or 512.

Operational Commands

show running-config system


Archive the running configuration on a vEdge router every two weeks:

    interval 20160
    path scp://eve@eves-computer:/usr/archives
    ssh-id-file /ssh-key-file
    vpn 1

Release Information

Command introduced in Viptela Software Release 14.2.​

Additional Information


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