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Upload Software Image

API calls for uploading and downloading software images on Viptela devices:

Add URL of Remote Software Repository

Add URL of remote software repository to vManage NMS.

URL: https://vmanage-ip-address/dataservice/device/action/software

Method: POST

Request Parameters

Name Required Description Parameter Type Data Type
imageJson Yes Parameters for post action Body
See Request Body Schema table, below, for details.

Request Content Type: application/json

Request Body Schema

Value Description
versionName Software version number to add.
versionURL URL of the remote repository.

Example Request


Delete Software Image

Delete software image from vManage NMS.

URL: https://vmanage-ip-address/dataservice/device/action/software/versionId

Method: DELETE

Request Parameters

Name Required Description Parameter Type Data Type
versionId Yes Software version identifier to delete Path String

Example Request and Response

Deleting software is a two-step process:

  1. To retrieve a list of all software versions on vManage NMS, issue a List Software Images GET call:

The response contains information about all software images on vManage NMS:

  "versionType": "vmanage",
  "versionId": "6b46230d-484c-4566-9e23-2b42bd12b403",
  "updatedOn": 1486072271028,
  "versionName": "16.3.1",
  "versionURL": "http://<VMANAGE_HOST>:8080/software/package/",
  "availableFiles": "vmanage-16.3.1-x86_64.tar.gz"
  1. To delete the software version, issue a Delete Software call with the version ID:

List Software Images

Display a list of software images available on a vManage NMS.

URL: https://vmanage-ip-address/dataservice/device/action/software

Method: GET

Response Content Type: application/json

Response Object: See Response Object, below.

Upload Software

Upload software to a Viptela device.

URL: https://vmanage-ip-address/dataservice/device/action/software/package

Method: POST

Request Content Type: multipart/form-data

Example Payload

Content-Disposition: form-data; name="file"; filename="vmanage-16.3.1-x86_64.tar.gz"
Content-Type: application/x-gzip

Response Object

API call responses have the following format:

  "header": {
    "generatedOn": timestamp, milliseconds (in UNIX time format),                            
      "viewKeys": {
        "uniqueKey": ["key"]                       
      "fields": [
        properties and types
   "data": [
     array of objects
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