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IPv6 Neighbors

API call for real-time monitoring of IPv6 neighbors:

IPv6 Neighbors

Display the entries in the Address Resolution Protocol (ARP) table for IPv6 neighbors, which lists the mapping of IPv6 addresses to device MAC addresses (on vEdge routers and vSmart controllers only).

CLI Equivalent: show ipv6 neighbor

URL: https://vmanage-ip-address/dataservice/device/ndv6?deviceId=deviceId

Method: GET

Request Parameters

Name Required Description Parameter Type Data Type
deviceId Yes IP address of device Query String


Optional Interface name Query String
mac Optional MAC address Query String
vpn-id Optional VPN ID Query IPv4

Response Content Type: application/json

Response Object: See Response Object, below.

Response Object for Real-Time Monitoring API Calls

Real-time monitoring API call responses have the following format:

  "header": {
    "generatedOn": timestamp, milliseconds (UNIX time format),                            
      "viewKeys": {
        "uniqueKey": ["key"]                       
      "fields": [
        properties and types
   "data": [
     array of objects

Additional Information

Using the vManage REST API

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