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API call for real-time monitoring of CloudExpress service:


Display the best interfaces for applications configured with CloudExpress service.

CLI Equivalent: show cloudexpress applications

URL: https://vmanage-ip-address/dataservice/device/cloudx/applications?deviceId=deviceId

Method: GET

Request Parameters

Name Required Description Parameter Type Data Type
deviceId Yes IP address of device Query String
application Optional Application name Query String
vpn-id Optional VPN ID Query String

Response Content Type: application/json

Response Object: See Response Object, below.

Response Object for Real-Time Monitoring API Calls

The real-time monitoring API call responses have the following format:

  "header": {
    "generatedOn": timestamp, milliseconds (UNIX time format),                            
      "viewKeys": {
        "uniqueKey": ["key"]                       
      "fields": [
        properties and types
   "data": [
     array of objects

Additional Information

Using the vManage REST API

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