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zzz-request nms load-balancer

request nms load-balancer—Start, stop, and perform other operations on the local vManage load balancer (on vManage NMSs only). The vManage load balancer distributes user login sessions among all the vManage NMSs in a vManage cluster.

Per Robin James, this feature is being disabled and hidden from the product and docs. See VIP-35646. I'm saving this file in case we ever re-enable it. aviva/20180308

Command Syntax

request nms load-balancer (diagnostics | jcmd option | restart | start | status | stop)


Determine the Status of the Load Balancer
Determine the status of the local load balancer.
Display Java Process Information
jcmd option
Display information from Java processes running on the load balancer. The load balancer is not a Java process, so this option returns no information.
Restart the Load Balancer
Restart the local load balancer.
Run Diagnostics on Load Balancer
Run diagnostics on the local vManage load balancer.
Start the Load Balancer
Start the local load balancer.
Stop the Load Balancer
Stop the local load balancer.

Output Fields

The output fields are self-explanatory.

Example Output

Check the status of the local vManage load balancer:

vManage# request nms load-balancer status
NMS load balancer
    Enabled: false
    Status:  not running

Release Information

Command introduced in Viptela Software Release 16.1.
In Release 16.2.3, add diagnostics option.

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