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select—Display fields to display in the command output.

Command Syntax

select field


Field To Add
Dield to display in the command output. Use the select ? command to determine the available fields for each command.

Output Fields

The output fields are self-explanatory.

Example Output

vm9# show control connections | select ?Description: Display control connections information
Possible completions:
  local-color           Local Color
  private-ip            Private ip
  private-port          Private port
  remote-color          Remote Color
  rx_challenge          Rx Challenge
  rx_challenge_ack      Rx Challenge Ack
  rx_challenge_resp     Rx Challenge Response
  rx_connects           Rx Connects
  rx_hello              Rx Hello
  rx_register_replies   Rx Register Replies
  rx_registers          Rx Registers
  rx_teardown           Rx Teardown
  state                 State
  system-ip             System IP address
  tx_challenge          Tx Challenge
  tx_challenge_ack      Tx Challenge Ack
  tx_challenge_resp     Tx Challenge Response
  tx_connects           Tx Connects
  tx_hello              Tx Hello
  tx_register_replies   Tx Register Replies
  tx_registers          Tx Registers
  tx_teardown           Tx Teardown
  tx_teardown_all       Tx Teardown all connections
  uptime                Uptime
vm9# show control connections | select state   
                                                                   PEER                      PEER                                                    
PEER     PEER             SITE        DOMAIN      PEER             PRIVATE  PEER             PUBLIC                                                  
TYPE     SYSTEM IP        ID          ID          PRIVATE IP       PORT     PUBLIC IP        PORT    REMOTE COLOR     STATE           UPTIME         
vedge    100         1         12346        12346   lte              up              0:02:32:46     
vedge    100         1         12346        12346   lte              up              0:02:32:46     
vedge    400         1        12350       12350   lte              up              0:02:32:49     
vedge    500         1        12346       12346   lte              up              0:02:32:48     
vedge    600         1        12346       12346   lte              up              0:02:32:47     
vsmart    200         1        12346       12346   default          up              0:02:32:37     
vbond    -                0           0        12346       12346   default          up              0:02:32:51

Release Information

Command introduced in Viptela Software Release 14.1.

Additional Information


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