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notab—Display tabular command output in a list rather than in a table. Note that if tabular command output is wider that the screen width, the output is automatically displayed in a list. Use the tab filter to override this display behavior. Use the screen-width command to set the screen width, or simply drag the terminal window to the desired size. Changing the screen size by dragging the window overrides the width set by the screen-width command.

Command Syntax




Output Fields

The output is self-explanatory.

Example Output

hw-vedge# show interface vpn 0 | notab
interface vpn 0 interface ge0/0
 if-admin-status Up
 if-oper-status  Up
 encap-type      null
 port-type       transport
 mtu             1500
 hwaddr          00:0c:bd:05:df:b7
 speed-mbps      100
 duplex          full
 uptime          11:04:40:13
 rx-packets      14572308
 tx-packets      12455087
interface vpn 0 interface ge0/1
 ip-address      -
 if-admin-status Down
 if-oper-status  Down
 encap-type      null
 port-type       service
 mtu             1500
 hwaddr          00:0c:bd:05:df:b8
 rx-packets      0

Release Information

Command introduced in Viptela Software Release 14.1.

Additional Information


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